Documents concerning travel:        Individual mobility report

                                                         Rules for travel costs and cost of stay





Documents concerning staff cost:   Guidelines for staff costs

                                                          Convention for staff costs


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Lead partner: KAHO,BELGIUM


WP2 Development of mechanisms ensuring alignment with NQFs (for HEIs)

 Establishment of WG for development of Guidelines (methodology)


 Development of guidelines


 Establishment of university WG (UWG) to develop university road maps for aligning APs with NQFs


 Development of road maps


 Development of HEIs policies and procedures for ensuring alignment with NQFs


 Development of university standards for achieving alignment 


In-house training of the university staff to integrate and implement the developed policies, procedures and standards for alignment



Lead partner: IADT, IRELAND

WP1 Capacity Building: HEIs and EQA Agencies
  1.1.1. Establishment of WG to develop a training package for HEIs and EQAs
  1.1.2. Development of a training package for building on the capacity of HEIs and EQAs
  1.1.3. Workshop to develop/finalize the training package
  1.2.1. Training HEIs staff (how to ensure alignment of academic programmes with NQFs)
  1.2.2. Training EQA staff and external experts
  1.3.1. Establishment of HEI units dealing with an on-going investigation of establishing alignment with the NQF
  1.3.2. Procuring equipment for the units
  1.4.1. Inter-project coaching