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On October 10, 2017 the Final conference of TEMPUS ALIGN project took place at YSULS. On that day YSULS hosted over 250 participants both from ALIGN consortium and from other non-member institutions of the project.

During the Conference major achievements and outcomes of the four-year project were presented by project partners from Europe, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine. Conference participants were given promotional materials for the dissemination of project outcomes (handbooks, guidelines, booklets, ALIGN achievement brochures, etc.).



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On June 27-28, 2017 KU Leuven University hosted TEMPUS ALIGN project consortium members for the Coordination meeting. The current coordination meeting was devoted to the finalization of project deliverables and for the preparation to the upcoming final conference of the ALIGN project.

Representatives of all partner institutions presented information about the contribution of the given partner within the framework of ALIGN project. The issues of organizing of Final Conference and the draft agenda of the Final Conference were also discussed durign the coordination meeting in Gent.

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On 18-19 February, 2016 with the initiative of ALIGN EU experts a two-day meeting was organized in Adam Miskiewitz University in Poznan, Poland. The meeting gathered together EU experts, External QA Agencies of Armenia, Russia and Ukraine as well as ALIGN Management Team to discuss the organization and effective implementation of WP4 under ALIGN project.

On the first of the meeting the leader of WP4 Paul Hyland (Bath Spa University, UK) came up with plans and ideas about the formation of expert panels to conduct site-visits at each partner university in Armenia, Russia and Ukraine. Before the site-visits Universities are supposed to present self-evaluation reports of the selected two academic programs which are in the process of revision within the framework of ALIGN project.


Foto grupowe Spotkanie Align w Poznaniu MG 8319 RAW fot. M.Męczyński Spotkanie Align w Poznaniu MG 8223 fot. M.Męczyński

On 14-17 June, 2015 Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan hosted TEMPUS ALIGN project Governing Board members from Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and EU partners. During the Coordination and Governing Board meetings a number of issues related to the project were raised and discussed with all the partners and the progress of the project for the past one and a half year was recorded. The upcoming activities with deadlines were outlined by the Management team as well as by the Work Package Leaders.      

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The  Governing Board Meeting of the ALIGN project was organized on the 8th of December, 2014 at IADT in Dublin, Ireland. The main discussions during the meeting were concentrated on the project management at three levels, progress report results , the role of the lead partners for the upcoming activities as well as financial and technical issues.

Local coordinators from each three countries (Armenia, Russia and Ukraine) presented the developments at national levels and decisions were made by the board members to establish working groups for the development of mechanisms and tools ensuring the alignment of the academic programs with the National Qualification Frameworks. EU partners will actively cooperate with partner institutions during the development of mechanisms.

Next Governing Board meeting was agreed to organize in June 2015 in Poznan.