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On 18-19 February, 2016 with the initiative of ALIGN EU experts a two-day meeting was organized in Adam Miskiewitz University in Poznan, Poland. The meeting gathered together EU experts, External QA Agencies of Armenia, Russia and Ukraine as well as ALIGN Management Team to discuss the organization and effective implementation of WP4 under ALIGN project.

On the first of the meeting the leader of WP4 Paul Hyland (Bath Spa University, UK) came up with plans and ideas about the formation of expert panels to conduct site-visits at each partner university in Armenia, Russia and Ukraine. Before the site-visits Universities are supposed to present self-evaluation reports of the selected two academic programs which are in the process of revision within the framework of ALIGN project.


On the second day the participants of the meeting discussed the deadlines and templates of self-evaluation of academic programs, HEI reports (which should be developed by the expert panels), and National reports (which should be developed by CEENQA and External QA Agencies).

ALIGN Management Team wants to express its gratitude to all the participants for a very fruitful meeting and discussions and a special thanks goes to EU experts for a very praiseworthy initiative and for excellent organization and facilitation of these two working days.

We wish all the members of the consortium good luck in the processes of self-evaluation and site-visits.

(See more photos of the meeting here)