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Site-visits to Armenian 3 HEIs within the framework of ALIGN project are over. ANQA team organized a meeting with local expert to summerize the initial results of the peer-review.
Expert panel members are going to develop expert panel report informing the HEIs about the results of the peer-review and presenting some recommendations for further development of the academic programs in terms of their alignment with NQF.




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On June 24-28, 2016 two Russian universities: Northern (Arctic) Federal University and Volga State University of Technology underwentexternal evaluation of the revised academic programs.

The expert panel consisted of EU experts Zbigniew Palka (Adam Mickiewicz University), Andre Govaert (KU Leuvent University) and Durdica Dragocevic (Central and Eastern European Network of QA Agencies), as well as local experts from the National Center of Public Professional Accreditation (NCPA) and the universities. The expert panel thoroughly examined the self-evaluation reports of the reviewed academic programs and other related documents provided by each university.



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Site-visits within the framework of ALIGN project have already initiated. The three Ukrainian universities: Sumy State University, Kiev National University and Khmelnitsky National University have already undergone external evaluation of the revised academic programs.

Work Package 4 of the ALIGN project focuses on the piloting of developed mechanisms for alignment. Thus universities were expected to select two academic programs and review them, develop Learning Ooutcomes (LO) that are in line with the descriptors of NQFs, develop assessment methods for evaluating student achievement of LOs, develop necessary teaching and learning methods, curricula and other elements of the academic programs.

Peer-review panels comprising ALIGN EU experts and representatives of Quality Assurance Agencies of each partner country (Armenia, Russia and Ukraine) were supposed to evaluate achievement of alignment with NQFs by applying the following procedures: desk-review, site-visit and report production.