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Site-visits to Armenian 3 HEIs within the framework of ALIGN project are over. ANQA team organized a meeting with local expert to summerize the initial results of the peer-review.
Expert panel members are going to develop expert panel report informing the HEIs about the results of the peer-review and presenting some recommendations for further development of the academic programs in terms of their alignment with NQF.

On 7-8 November ALIGN project EU experts together with ANQA team and local experts visited Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts to conduct peer-review of the two selected academic programs ("Design" and "Computer Graphics") that were reviewed within the framework of the project in terms of alignment to Armenian National Qualifications Framework. The experts had meetings with academic program self-evaluation working groups, students and teaching staff.

The second Armenian University undergoing peer-review of the academic programs ("General Medicine" and "Pharmacy") within the framework of TEMPUS ALIGN project is Yerevan State Medical University. ALIGN project EU experts, ANQA local experts and ANSA representative conducted peer-review at YSMU on November 9-10, 2016. The expert panel had meetings with program leaders and self-evaluation working groups. Focus groups were conducted also with students and alumni of the academic programs under review.

ALIGN project Grantholder: Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences (YSULS) hosted ALIGN project EU and local experts on 11-12 November 2016. According to the set agenda the Expert Panel had meetings with YSULS working groups of the academic programs undergoing the peer-review ("Education Management" and "Translation Studies"), with students and alumni of the mentioned programs. The Expert Panel was satisfied with the work done by the working groups and during the final wrap-up meeting the Expert Panel came up with positive feedback as well as with recommendations for YSULS team to keep continuously improving their academic programs in terms of alignment with the requrements of National Qualification Framework. ALIGN Management Team highly appreciates all the efforts of both EU, ANQA and local experts during this one week site-visit to Armenia. Special thanks also goes to YSULS, YSAFA and YSMU teams for the great work they have done to improve their academic programs.