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      The first TEMPUS ALIGN project training event was held at KU Leuven University, Gent, Belgium, on September 28 – October 3. The training module was organized by the General Working Group and the WP1 lead partner in the person of IADT Ireland as the responsible entity for the development of the joint training package for HEIs and EQAs.




       The ultimate goal of the project is to have 2 academic programs from each beneficiary HEIs reviewed, revised and aligned to the NQFs, incorporating the contemporary concepts and principles in higher education. To ensure a comprehensive attainment of the defined goal, Armenia, Russia, and Ukraine participated in the event with their delegations, representing HEIs and the specifically selected programs, the national Quality Assurance Agencies and the Ministerial bodies.

       The training mainly aimed at presenting the mechanisms of ensuring the alignment of academic programs with NQFs and enabling Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian partners to develop their understanding of key principles and good practices for program design. The training sessions were well-designed to ensure a reasonable proportionality between theory and practice, as well as exchange of best practice and discussions of country-specific issues.

      This training was wrapped up with a presentation by the Management team, highlighting the implemented activities and the upcoming events.

     The second capacity building training will be held in Dublin, Ireland, and will address the mechanisms for checking program alignment focusing on draft outputs to be submitted by the HEIs and EQAs.


(Agenda of the training in Gent)