The second capacity building event of the ALIGN project took place from the 8th to the 11th of December in Dublin, Ireland. The training was organized by the leader of WP1 IADT. The Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian partners actively participated in the training aimed at the development of skills and competences to write learning outcomes for a program and a module and to design assessment for learning outcomes.


    The training sessions were well-designed to ensure discussions and exchange of best practice. The exercises given by IADT team fostered the improvement of competences in designing and assessing learning outcomes.

      On the last day of the training the participants were awarded with certificates for the participation in two capacity building events.

See more information about the training here:

 (Agenda of the training in Dublin)



    ALIGN training in Dublin was organized with the effort to involve more practical and interactive exercises for the partners to be able to exchange thoughts and experience. On the 10th of December IADT organized a Mock Peer Review Panel. Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences (YSULS) was the volunteer to present Master program in Education Management and to undergo panel review. Before the panel review YSULS team had conducted program self-evaluation according to the given form and sent the document to the IADT team.


     The panel consisted of three members: chair of the panel Dr Marion Palmer, Head of the Teaching and Learning at IADT, Galina Motova representing National Center of Public Professional Accreditation in Russia and the student member- Kevin Donoghue, Education Officer from Union of Students in Ireland. During all the time the remainder of trainees were observing and taking notes. After the panel had examined YSULS team they came up with judgments and recommendations to further improve the process of doing self-evaluation of the program.